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Sleep Paralysis Demon

The sleep paralysis demon is a condition which has been widely documented among a large percentage of people and will generally occur during the REM sleep portion of the sleep cycle. This paralysis is actually a natural part of the sleep cycle.  However, for those who do not know anything about this particular aspect of sleep and how it happens, it can naturally be quite terrifying, and is believed to be at the root of the development of the nightmare phenomenon.

The Symptoms and History

When considering the sleep paralysis demon, the demonic aspect of it comes from the traditional belief that the condition of sleep paralysis was actually triggered by those demons who would sit on the person who is asleep and then hold them very still.  There is also an aspect of hallucinations that people who suffer such an experience may see, leading them to see the hallucinations and the paralysis as part of the same experience, which can make it quite scary.

In terms of the paralysis aspect of the sleep paralysis demon phenomenon, it is very closely linked to the paralysis that occurs during natural REM sleep where the eyes will move quickly and breathing becomes rapid, but the body won’t move at all.  This can occasionally occur after sleeping individuals become aware of their surroundings again, and it is in this occasion when they will become naturally worried about the sensation of paralysis which can lead to feelings of panic.  These symptoms can range in duration from just a few seconds to several minutes.

What Causes the Condition?

There are a number of different studies which have been carried out that focus on the effects and the experiences of people suffering with the sleep paralysis demon, and there are a number of factors which are thought to contribute to the condition.

These factors are thought to include sudden increases in stress levels or an abrupt change in the lifestyle or environment of the sufferer. They may even be linked to sleeping facing upwards rather than on their sides or sleeping face down.  Studies have also suggested that the paralysis is more likely to occur when there is a lucid dream experienced shortly before the incident, or if the individual has been drinking alcohol when combined with a lack of sleep.


The way that the sleep paralysis demon is generally treated isn’t particularly effective in terms of dealing with the symptoms themselves, as most people will receive some information about the different sleep stages and how sleep paralysis can happen.

However, if it is a symptom which persists and continues to occur, then the physician may look to see if the individual is suffering with narcolepsy and treat him as a sufferer of that condition.

Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal

Because of the symptoms which are associated with the sleep paralysis demon, there are a lot of people who believe that a number of paranormal or unusual experiences can be associated or linked with this particular sleep condition.

There are a number of instances where the so-called alien abduction experiences have been linked to the sleep paralysis condition, and equally a number of ghost or poltergeist experiences have also been attributed to someone suffering from sleep paralysis.

For those who suffer from the sleep paralysis demon, it can be an extremely frightening and disconcerting experience. Naturally, many people will find themselves afraid during the experience.  However, this is not an unusual occurrence for many people, and there are surveys which suggest that up to half of all people may suffer at some point or another with the condition and will often only have the one experience.



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