Sleep is what we do willingly at the tail-end of our frenetic days. It is the fitting and suitable conclusion to the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. It is sometimes brief and other times lengthy but at all times, a fitful rest from all the activities we have to do as we get on our everyday lives. Sleep takes up more than one third of our lifetime and yet, it seems we are still left wanting.  Well, that has always been the case—one can’t get enough of a good thing, right?

Please Be Careful With My Heart – Sleep that is adequate and uninterrupted can keep your heart going strong for years and years along the line. On the other hand, a person that is sleep- deprived has a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. So, go ahead and indulge in sleep, it will take care of your heart!

Beauty Is Not Skin Deep – Beauty enhancing treatments for the skin will have more lasting effects if you pair them with the recommended 7-8 hour of sleep. There will be less wrinkles and crow’s feet if you sleep through the night regularly. Also, you will wake up refreshed with a younger-looking, luminous skin with the natural beauty regimen called sleep!

Keep Them Off – Contrary to the long held notion that ideal slumber time everyday will add pounds to your weight, it has been proven by studies that getting regular rest will keep unwanted pounds at bay. If you are well-rested, there will be less chance for you to eat unhealthily and gain weight along the process. So, sleep early and stay sexy!

It’s All In The Mind- Research have long shown that sleeping continuously till the morning comes sharpens one’s memory and helps you keep focused and concentrated on the tasks at hand. It is only during an undisturbed sleep that one gets to consolidate all the activities done during the day and it makes you retain the new information even better! Just one more reason why sleep seems always a good idea!

All’s Well For Those Who Sleep Well – Swelling or inflammation has been known to be higher in people who consistently miss sleep through a long period of time. There is more production of inflammatory proteins if one does not get the ideal time of rest. So go sleep well if you don’t want anything to swell!

Keep Creative Juices Flowing – If you are adamant in keeping with your regular sleep-wake schedule, then here is an added benefit to you- creativity! So next time you want to create that masterpiece, better sleep on it first!
Hit The Mattress To Avoid Stress- When one is so burdened with so many problems and you no longer know where it started and where it ends, then it is advised that you hit the sack and take a good quality rest. Chances are, you will a better batting average to eventually find the solution to your pressing problem when you wake up.

(Don’t) Hit The Road, Jack! – Surveys show that people who don’t sleep at regular hours are more prone to road accidents. There is less automaticity in the reflexes and there is delay in reaction time. If you plan to drive then dive to bed first ad take a rest!

Steer Clear of Depression – If you are adequately rested; you are more likely to have a better emotional health than when you have a large sleep deficit. You can alleviate anxiety and have a stronger hold on your emotions if you are sleeping well.

With all these benefits, isn’t it always a GREAT idea to SLEEP?

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